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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Access Facebook From Mobile For Free

Airtel’s USSD Based Fonetwish: Access Facebook
From Mobile For Free (No Internet Required) Airtel recently launched a unique USSD based service which allows Airtel
customers to update their Facebook status
messages, view/comment/’Like’ news feed, post
on friends walls, find/add new friends, confirm
friend requests, view notifications and more,
directly from the mobile phone without the need of Internet connectivity! This means you will not
be paying monthly/weekly/daily charges for
using Mobile Office or NOP (neither Airtel Live will be used) just to keep an eye on your Facebook
account on the move. Based on Fonetwish, developed by U2opia Mobile,
this service will be very useful for those who do
not wish to spend money on Internet plans for
the sole purpose of accessing Facebook on mobile
and/or do not own high end smart-phones. How To Use It? USSD is an innovative concept and I am guessing
more is in store based on this service. For now,
lets keep it simple and stick to usage for
Facebook. The reason why I am writing these
step by step instructions is that some people are
new to this concept of following/replying to USSD commands. Follow the below mentioned steps to
update your status on Facebook free of cost
directly from your mobile phone irrespective of
the handset you use: 1. Dial *325# from your Airtel mobile number. 2. You will be greeted with a message as shown
below (refer pic above). Click ‘Exit‘ and wait for another message to appear. 3. This time you will be asked for your Facebook username. Enter the
full username as you do on your computer
and send it. 4. You’ll now be asked for facebook password
(Repeat the process as in Step 3). 5. If the credentials you submitted were correct
then you will see a menu appear on screen
showing “Welcome to Facebook” and list of things you can do. 6. You can now: Update Facebook status for free! View/comment/’Like’ news feeds, post on friends walls, confirm friend requests, view notifications, find and add friends (Chargeable at Re 1 per day per use).

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