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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hack others by Creating Your Own Fake Login Page

Hack others by Creating Your Own Fake Login Page...
Hello gudnyt Frnds.. Today i Want to share a Very Funny trick with you.. plz dont misuse this trick. This trick is for Fun can make fun with your friends by using this trick.. so lets start.question arises that what is fake login page??answer is Fake login page is a fake page which you can use to hack others username and password. Fake login page looks exactly like the original page and if someone login in your page using his original username and password, the username and password will be mailed to you The process of Hacking anyone’s id using fake login pages is known as Phishing.
Now let’s learn how to create your very own fake login page.
{1} Open and Sign Up.
{2} then Login there with your newly registered account.
{3} now click on ‘ Create your first form’.
{4} Now delete all the pre-defined entries, just leave ‘First Name:’ (To delete entries, select the particular entry and then click on the cross sign.)
{5} Now Click on ‘First Name:’ (Exactly on First Name). Now the option to Edit the First Name is activated, type there “username:” (for Gmail) or YahooId: (for Yahoo)
{6} Now Click on ‘Power Tool’ Option (In right hand side…)
{7} Double click on ‘Password Box’. Now Click the newly form password entry to edit it. Rename it as ‘Password:’
{8} Now Click on ‘Properties’ Option (In right hand side…). These are the form properties.

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