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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Vodafone FREE GPRS

Vodafone FREE GPRS Trick/Hack Vodafone has been a hard nut to crack. The GPRS service it provides, though isn’t the greatest but
doesn’t have many loop holes to exploit in order
to use GPRS for FREE. Months back (in January) i
posted a trick to use free GPRS on Vodafone however, it didn’t receive a great deal of
response. This time, am sharing a somewhat ‘working’ trick
to access Internet for free on Vodafone mobile! Just use the following mentioned settings on your
vodafone mobile: APN – portalnmms IP – OR Port No. – 9401 or 8799 Use the above mentioned IP address and Port No.
in different combinations with each other i.e IP: with Port: 8799, etc. And do share your experience using this trick to get FREE GPRS on Vodafone!

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